[Friends] Catch the first airing of The Student Connection tonight at 8 PM eastern

Chase Crispin chase.crispin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 21:51:35 GMT 2011

Hello All,
Don't forget to catch the first addition of the student connection tonight
at 8 PM eastern, 7 PM central, 6 PM mountain, 5 PM pacific, 0:00 UTC on ACB
Radio mainstream.  
This is a prerecorded 1 hour show, and it will air every 4 hours through
tomorrow.  For those of you who can't catch it today it will air in the same
slot on every Tuesday this month.  A new edition of the show will go to air
on the first Tuesday in September.
This first show is an introduction and doesn't follow the format that future
Student Connection shows will follow.  This first show will introduce you to
me and tell you what the show is and where it is going.  I also rebroadcast
two segments from ACB Radios Menu that will impact students and those that
work with them.  This is one of the few times that I will rebroadcast
content from other shows, but I felt that it was valuable information for
students and everyone who works with us, and the first show is a great place
for it.  
If you have any feedback at all, please feel free to send it to me anytime
chase at acbradio.org
Or leave a voicemail by calling:
in the US.  
Next month we will be discussing access to educational materials.  What
issues have you had getting access to your school materials?  How did you
overcome those challenges?  Is there any tips or suggestions you have about
getting access to all your materials in your preferred format for school?
If you have any thoughts on this topic, please send them in via the comment
line number or the email address I listed above.
I hope you will tune in this evening at 8 PM eastern for The Student
Connection.  If you are a student, a teacher, a parent of a blind or VI
student, or an adult past your school days, you are welcome to listen and
share your feedback and experiences anytime!
I look forward to hearing from you!
Chase Crispin
Host of The Student Connection
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