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Chase Crispin chase.crispin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 15:59:31 GMT 2011

Hi All,
As I said in the first Student Connection show, next months topic will be
access to educational materials.  What issues have you had, either as a
student or someone who works with a student, getting access to your
materials?  How did you get these issues resolved?  What alternative sources
do you use to get access to your necessary materials for school?  If you
have any comments, questions, or stories about getting access to your
educational materials, please send them to me ASAP at:
chase at acbradio.org
Or call:
and leave an audio comment.  I will go through all of your feedback on the
air and discuss what you send me with the guests who I will be interviewing.
I will be able to accept feedback through 2 days before the next show goes
to air on the first Tuesday in September.
Also, if you are looking for an archive of the first Student Connection
show, use this link.
Chase Crispin
chase.crispin at gmail.com
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