[Friends] Start the Tractor! It's time for Wacky Wednesday on the Farm!

Tyler Juranek tylerpolkaman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 13:33:03 GMT 2011

Hi all!
You guessed it, it's time for another edition of Wacky Wednesday on the Farm!
This week, however, we have something special that we are going to
play for you all.
Have you ever wondered about John Deere?
What did John Deere do?
How did John Deere's envention of the steel plow impact the John Deere
tractors we see today?
What tractors are considered antique?
All this, and another little surprise on this weeks show!
So, come on over and party!
It all starts today at 4 P.M eastern, 3 Central, 2 Mountain, and 1
Pacific on http://interactive.acbradio.org/
All the ways to contact us will be given out during the show!
Hope to see you there!
Tyler Juranek

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