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chris nusbaum dotkid.nusbaum at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 15:54:05 GMT 2011

Hi Chris,

Sounds great! I'm still learning a lot about the history of both
groups, so I'll try to tune in tonight for your speech! By the way, if
anybody has iTunes, I found ACB Radio mainstream in iTunes Radio! If
you have JAWS like me, go into iTunes, down arrow through the tree
view and find the radio option. Then, press right arrow to open it,
and down arrow until you find news/talk. From there, hit right arrow
to open it and a list of radio stations will be displayed in
alphabetical order. You should then find ACB Radio MainStream in the
A's. When you find it, press Enter and it should start to play. Hope
this helps!


On 8/20/11, Christopher Gray <chris at bayareadigital.us> wrote:
> While the program for this Saturday is not live, it's lot of fun and I hope
> you may give it a listen.
> Come ride some cool train stops, and hear a fascinating recording analyzing
> the sounds of birds.
> All on ACB Radio Mainstream, at 2:00 PM Pacific.
> Also, don't forget that many of us are conducting a Midwest leadership
> conference this weekend in St. Louis which is being broadcast on ACB Radio
> World.  This evening, I'll be giving the banquet address on ACB history at
> approximately 7:30 PM Central time.
> Chris

Chris Nusbaum

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