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Debbie Hazelton healinghands4u at debbiehazelton.com
Mon Aug 29 14:26:13 GMT 2011

Hi There,

I apologize for not posting to these lists as regularly.  There are new, unnanounced blog posts on my site, and the show did still go on the last couple of weeks  Many of you still tuned in! :)  I'm always happy to see you through my "magic mirror!"

So go to

The playlist is ready, and no doubt, the conversation will be bubbling, especially with your input.

So email me, any of my addresses you happen to have or, dhazelton at acbradio.org or our request box: request at acbradio.org
Twitter is always buzzing!  Follow or mention @debbiehazelton there to be in touch with me.

and thanks always for listening to ACB Radio!

fDebbie Hazelton

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