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Penny Reeder penny.reeder at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 20:30:16 GMT 2011

Hi Donna,  I hate them all!

Even the so-called "accessible capchas" from folks like Google.

I'm attaching a column I wrote for Abledbody.org on that topic.

I especially hate the capchas that are required whenever I want to 
subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, such as those available from Epicurious!

And, while I'm on my soap box, I am totally annoyed by the e-mail ads 
I receive from companies I like to purchase products from that are 
just inaccessible pictures of a sale ad, which, of course, my screen 
reader can't access.  J-Jill and Cooking.com are two companies who 
frequently send me e-mailed coupons and ads that I cannot access!  (I 
know it's a different topic, but I wish the committee could tackle 
this issue as well!)

Thanks, and the link to the column is:

http://abledbody.com/profoundlyyours/2010/06/22/3007/At 02:02 PM 
1/3/2011, Donna Pomerantz wrote:


>Hello all,
>First of all, I hope this message is not considered off topic, but I 
>am on the Information Access committee for the American Council of 
>the Blind and one of our resolutions from this past convention is 
>dealing with captchas.  So, we are taking a pole to find out what 
>people find are the sites with the most difficult captchas.  I know 
>there are things like Solona and stuff to help with this problem, 
>but if you could take a second and tell me what the sites you find 
>to be the most problematic are that would be great so we can begin 
>work on deciding who the best people to contact are.  Thanks for 
>your time and help and feel free to write me off list so as not to 
>clutter the list.
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