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Well Chris, I think it's a problem when they have to give kids pills for their hyperactivity.  I know that in itself is definitely a problem, but I'm wondering if pills make the  problem worse!  
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  Hi all,
  This week on Cry Justice, meet Patricia Weathers. Ms. Weathers is a co-founder of an organization called AbleChild, and the mother of two sons.  She has testified at US Congressional Hearings (9/29/00 and 9/26/02) on the role of behavioral drugs and school, and in 2004 testified before the FDA at a hearing on antidepressant drugs and their link to violence and suicide ideation.  As president of AbleChild, Weathers played a key role in the FDA's implementation of the Black Box Warnings on antidepressants in 2004, a victory for all human rights crusaders everywhere.  Weathers along with Sheila Matthews founded AbleChild in 2001, championing parental and child rights to ensure that all individuals have the right to full informed consent and the right to refuse psychological and psychiatric services, upheld. Ablechild, under Weather's leadership, is an organization that gives voice to parents everywhere struggling with various issues such as ADD/ADHD and other psychiatric labels, forced child drugging, informed consent and the right to privacy.  She has been featured on numerous media outlets including Good Morning America, Hannity and Colmes, The Today Show, the New York Times to name a few.

  Weathers, a native of New York State, is a staunch advocate of homeschooling due to her first hand negative experience in both public and traditional private sectors. Hear about her experience on this week's edition of Cry Justice.

  Cry Justice first airs at 10:30 PM Eastern.

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