[Friends] Announcing the Mader Music Jam at 8 pm eastern seven central and 00:00 UTC

Jerry Mader maderradionetwork at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 23:02:34 GMT 2011

If the server will cooperate right, we'll start the Mader Music Jam at 8 pm tonight.
If not then it might start a little later but it'll none the less try to start at 8 pm lol

We'll have fun, your requests via email, or twitter.
just email the to request at acbradio.org, or request at maderradio.net
Or tweet me at maderradio.
And i will play  any song you request as long as the language is  clean.
I will also have a side kick or a co-host with me if he decides to come along, his name is Ryan.
He will be watching one email address while i watch the ACB Radio one.
You may also call in via skype and talk to us on air too at 8 pm eastern. that skype address to call  between 8 till 12 eastern is:
Go ahead and add it to your skype contacts now so you won't forget to later, and i'll add ya to the list.
again please join me on ACB RI between 0 till 4:000 hours UTC or 8 till 12 eastern for the Mader Music Jam.
I'd be glad to have your company and to play your requests tonight.
Doesn't matter what kind of music, country, pop, olides, what ever.
Take care and i'll see you at  8 pm sharp.
Jerry Mader

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