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Monday on the Christian Connection, which first airs at 10 PM Eastern, Gwendolyn Diaz offers practical and insightful keys for raising super kids. (And whose kids aren't super?) Whether you are a brand-new mom or are raising children of all ages, you will be surprised, inspired, and challenged to grow as a mom. 
With chapter titles like Don't Underestimate the Power of a Bad Night's Sleep, Go Ahead and Dance on the Dining Room Table, For Every "No" There Should Be an Equally Attractive "Yes," and Sometimes We've Got to Bore Our Kids to Life, Gwen serves up wisdom, sprinkled with a large helping of humor and common sense. 

"I want moms to realize what a privilege, responsibility and blast God intended motherhood to be," author Gwen Diaz says. 
Did she say "privilege?" Contrary to the modernist's view of the woman's role in society, Diaz isn't kidding when she extols the virtues of the traditional mother in this new millennium. 

After spending years chasing four sons around the house, discovering the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches left in the laundry hamper and cleaning the footprint tracks off the ceiling, Diaz decided it was time to stop complaining about her role as a mother and start writing about it. That, along with the nudging of fellow author Ken Boa (Diaz' close friend and agent), resulted in her first book The Adventures of Mighty Mom. Diaz refers to her latest work Mighty Mom's Secrets For Raising Super Kids as her "opus" cleverly packaged into 16 fun-filled, thought-provoking and hopefully life-changing principles. 

"Every story and every principle arises from my contact with the four young men in my life," Diaz says. "They and their father are obviously my main sources of inspiration. ..."

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