[Friends] I need a bucket: no Anything and Everything tonight

Kevin Minor kminor at windstream.net
Sat Jan 29 23:38:05 GMT 2011

Hi folks.


The reason I need a bucket is I think I'm going to kick it.  For you foreign
listeners, kick the bucket is a way we in the U.S. talk about a person's
last moments, and specificly when he dies.  I feel about that good now.  I
have a bad sinus infection, and I'm on antibiotics for it, as well as cough
medicine.  The cough medicine is where the fun lies.  If I'm meant to kick
the bucket, at least I'll be happy.  Since I seriously doubt this will
happen, and since I enjoy my broadcasts on ACBRI, I don't want to do
anything that causes trouble there.


I apologize in advance for not being on the air this week, but I should be
good to go next weekend with a Superbowl show.  Come to think of it, hasn't
the pregame for the Superbowl started already?


Have a great day.


Kevin Minor, Lexington, KY

kminor at windstream.net

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