[Friends] Rise and shine at 8am Eastern with the Secret Stash!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Mon Jan 14 06:13:08 EST 2013

Ha ha! So ya thought I wasn't comin' back, didja? Fooled ya! (LOL).

My work is done, my voice has returned, mostly, and my enthusiasm for
bringing you three hours of top-40 old-time musical marvels,
one-hit-wonders and all sorts of other interesting things you might
want to hear has doubled because I've missed being with you *THAT
MUCH*! Yes, I truly have! So come on, wake up right, right at 8am
Eastern time, crank up that Jambox, and blast the Stash throughout the
house, or plug me into those rock-and-roll ears of yours and take me
for a ride on the work bus, or wherever it is you're bound on a Monday
morning, and I promise to fill your day with musical memories and
maybe even some thought-provoking monologue (LOL). Hey, I may sound
like death warmed over, the voice isn't fully back yet, but I make up
for it with personality--at least, I think that's what they call it
(ha ha). Do I like poking fun at myself? Of course! I'm my favorite
target! So come on along and take your best shot, grab the shovel, and
help me dig deep into the Secret Stash of musical treasures, coming up
next on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide Legend!

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