[Friends] Important changes coming to ACBRadio over the next fewdays

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Since you had ACBRadio World, what will become of this, since you are now having World News?  
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  Hello everybody:


  I have some exciting news about some changes coming to ACB Radio.


  First of all we will be moving to a new server.


  Unfortunately it won't be the final new server quite yet as that server isn't quite ready.


  We will be temporarily moving to the Implex server until the new datacenter has the new server online.


  The Implex server currently houses the acb.org, brailleauthority.org, ccbnet.org and cclvi.org websites.


  The only drawback in the short term is we won't be able to have all of the on demand archives available due to disk space limitations.


  Once we get to our final new server that will be resolved.


  On Tuesday January 15, 2013 we will be launching the new ACB Radio website.


  This site is in drupal and will give us much more capability in adding more features such as rss feeds, easy to use contact forms and much more!


  When it launches it will have the current schedules for ACBRadio Interactive, ACB Radio Mainstream, and ACB radio World News and Information.


  The schedules will be in the US eastern time zone.


  Other time zones may be added at a later date.


  The schedules will be very easy to get to with out having to hunt all over the site to find them.


  All you will have to do is click on the ACB Radio schedule link on the main page and choose the day of the week you wish to inquire about.


  On that page you will see the times for your favorite shows grouped by stream.


  For example you would see a heading for each stream and the shows and their times listed under that heading.


  Then to listen to ACB Radio you would just click on the listen to acbradio link and scroll down to the stream you want to listen to.


  Each stream will have its own heading and under that heading you can choose the link for your connection speed and player of choice.


  The on demand won't be available when we go live but we will be bringing in the archives and making them available as quickly as possible.


  Also in the near future we will be working on adding the rss capability for the front page and for each show that we are currently airing on ACb Radio.


  Eventually we will be bringing the mainmenu.acbradio.org website in to drupal but that will be a while yet.


  Now to get to this point we are going to have to transfer the domains from one server to another so this means there will be some extended outages on the ACB Radio streams as well as the lists and websites.


  The lists that will be affected are the lists that have acbradio.org as their domain.


  These lists include friends, mm-friends, announce at acbradio.org, cookinginthedark, christianjustice and other staff lists associated with ACBRadio.


  Much of these changes will begin tomorrow evening and may last well in to Tuesday.


  We hope to have everything completed by early Wednesday morning.


  Also we are launching a new stream.


  The new stream is called World News and Information.


  It will reside where world is now.


  This stream will feature news and information from around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  The content will come from outlets such as Voice of America news, United Nations Media and others.


  We are looking to launch this stream no later than Friday January 18, 2013.


  Please be patient as we go through these changes and we will keep you posted on what is going on as soon as we have updated information.


  If you have any questions feel free to send them to me at larry at acbradio.org.


  Thanks for listening to ACB Radio

  Larry Turnbull

  ACB Radio Managing Director







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