[Friends] Status of ACB Radio

Larry Turnbull kc8phj at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 16 07:59:53 EST 2013

Hi all,

I thought I would drop in and give you an update on what is going on at ACB


As you probably have seen the new ACB Radio website is live.


I still have some tweeking to to do but over all it is doing well.


Mainstream and Treasure Trove are running now.


I had to go in and fix a lot of files on mainstream that had inconsistent
bit and sample rates.


With the updated prs core and associated libraries it is more sensitive to
files that have inconsistent bit and sample rates as well as metadata tags.


At least with the updates I can now see why it is randomly going down.


My priority today is to work on the mp3 libraries for interactive and the


Interactive and café are still unstable so they will be up and down
frequently today.


I should have these streams much more stabilized by tonight or early
tomorrow morning.


Then I will turn my attention to prepping the new World News and Information
stream in order to be ready to launch by the end of this week.


Some of you have been asking about archives particularly to Main Menu.


We don’t have the archives available yet but we should have a fare amount of
them available by early next week.


Again we are on a temporary server so we can’t bring in all of them.


We will put up the most recent archives probably going back to early 2012.


Once we have the new permanent server online then we can get all archives
back on line.


Again thanks for your patience and we are working hard on this end in order
to restore services fully and improve your listening experience with ACB



Larry Turnbull

ACB Radio Managing Director


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