[Friends] Toews on the Waves comes to ACB Radio Interactive

Bruce Toews bruce at brucetoews.com
Sun May 4 12:37:16 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,


My name is Bruce Toews. For years, on various Internet radio venues, I've
been doing a show called Toews on the Waves. I'm proud to say that, starting
tomorrow, I will be bringing Toews on the Waves to ACB Radio Interactive.
Every Monday evening from 9 until 10 PM Eastern, I'll be bringing you some
of the biggest variety you'll hear anywhere: oldies, comedy, some country,
some newer stuff, basically whatever. I don't think I have any Gregorian
chants in my collection, but who's to say I won't someday?


At any rate, please feel free to join me every Monday for this unpredictable
mix, and it all starts tomorrow.


If you want to follow the show on Twitter, please don't hesitate. My show's
Twitter username is @BruceTRadio. As a courtesy to others, please use the
hashtag #totw. You can e-mail your requests too. The e-mail address is
totw at ogts.net <mailto:totw at ogts.net> 


I'd love to play what you want to hear, so please don't be shy. Whether
you're making a request or just saying hello, I would very much love to hear
from you. But hey, if you are shy and just want to tune in, that's fine too,
it'll be a privilege having you along.


That's every Monday, starting tomorrow, from 9:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern, only
on ACB Radio Interactive.

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