[Friends] The Stash Is On Today at 8am!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Mon May 12 06:37:33 EDT 2014

Listeners to and followers of ACB Radio and the Legend definitely know
how to start their week off right, because they know that on Monday
morning at 8:00 Eastern, the Secret Stash opens up and plays thirty
years of forgotten favorites. Become part of the Secret Stash status
quo, and browse to http://www.acbradio.org/interactive or
http://www.legendoldies.com and click on the listen link you'll find
there. Hey, did ya notice that the Legend ditched the dash? We did!
And the whole Website has been updated, optimized, made easier to use,
had its content improved ... just come and see it for yourself!

Now, some folks are finding it a little confusing, not to mention
difficult, to find the listen link on the Legend's new page. The
easiest thing I cn recommend is this: Move your cursor to the top of
the page, then do either of the following things:

A. TAB seven times and find the "Listen live" link,


B. Find the list of seven items and select the seventh one.

When you activate the "Listen Live" link, you'll be taken to a kinder,
gentler, friendly Web page, where you'll find all the links you need
to use in order to listen to the Legend with your preferred
media-player on whatever device you are using. Well, maybe not every
device--there's probably not a link that will work for tin cans and
strings, but there's one up there for everything else!

So, make the Secret Stash your new favorite Monday morning listening
habit, request your forgotten favorite by email, phone, or Twitter,
and make Monday a better place to be!

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