[Friends] This Week on Toews on the Waves

Bruce Toews bruce at brucetoews.com
Sat May 17 08:24:55 EDT 2014

Well, Monday evening sees another episode of Toews on the Waves on ACBRI.
This week on the show, we'll be looking at age and the passage of time. What
will happen as time goes by, when I'm sixty-four? Will I be too old to cut
the mustard anymore? These questions and more will be, if not answered, then
at least asked on Monday's show.Your theme-related requests and your
comments are, of course, always welcome. You can make your request in
advance by e-mailing totw at ogts.net <mailto:totw at ogts.net> , and during the
show you can e-mail me or tweet to @BruceTRadio with the hash tag #totw.


That's Monday, from 9 until 10 PM Eastern, on ACB Radio Interactive. I hope
to see you there.

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