[Friends] Jfazz Guys Show is a Re-run Today

Christopher Gray chris at moblind.org
Mon May 19 13:52:01 EDT 2014

Hi All:

I'm sorry to tel you that your Journey into Jazz will be a re-run today. 
Yesterday, later in the day, I began to feel really terrible and now have some 
sort of cold/virus/who knows what.  Marvelena likes this because I can hardly 
talk or swallow and have a light fever.

So, my sincere apologies to all of you, as well as to Don.  We always do try to 
play great jazz though, so please enjoy what you hear today, even if you heard 
part of it another time.

All the best,


Christopher Gray, Executive Director
Missouri Council of the Blind
5453 Chippewa Street
St. Louis, MO 63109
(314) 832-7172

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