[Friends] Toews on the Waves: A Three Hour Special

Bruce Toews bruce at brucetoews.com
Mon May 26 14:33:52 EDT 2014

Those of you who tuned in to last week's Toews on the Waves will note, no
doubt, that there wasn't a lot to listen to. Well, all that's going to
change this week, as we give you three times the amount to listen to. That's
right, Toews on the Waves is on for three hours this week. It all starts at
8:00 PM Eastern, going through to 11. We'll be playing the stuff we meant to
play last week, and also feature songs that sound happy, but aren't. I'll
need your help and originality for that one, so please do let me know if you
have any ideas for that theme. And since we have lots more time this week,
we'll play whatever else comes to mind, including your requests.


To contact the show, before or during it, you can e-mail totw at ogts.net
<mailto:totw at ogts.net> . During the show, you can tweet @BruceTRadio, please
use the hash tag #totw.


I look forward to hearing from you tonight with your requests, comments, or
if you just want to say hi. Of course, if you just want to listen, that's
perfectly fine too. It's all on ACB Radio Interactive tonight, from 8 until
11 PM Eastern.

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