[Friends] {Disarmed} hello fellow djs and listeners

Christopher Gray chris at moblind.org
Thu Apr 16 15:41:18 EDT 2015

Hi Mike:

Welcome to Interactive!  It sound like you're going to have a great show. 
Looking forward to knowing the time.

All the best,


On Thu, 16 Apr 2015, Mike Bernard via Friends wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> My name is Mike. I was recently hired by Larry Turnbull and Jeff Bishop, who
> as you know, are part of the management at ACBRI. I'm extremely excited to
> become one of the djs and be part of the ACB Radio team. Wow, this is like a
> dream come true for me! Every week, you can tune in to hear all your
> favorite hits from the 70s through today. That's right, you heard correct,
> xxx hours of all your favorite hits from the 70s to the present. Pardon the
> xxx, getting a time slot is still in the works.  During the show, We'll
> check out whose coming out with a new album, what happened in music and
> entertainment history on the current day and who knows what else. From time
> to time, I may slip a comedy skit in for a laugh or two, and spin some
> remix. As I stated above, I still have to work out the details for a time
> slot, so stay tuned.  If you'd like to get in touch with me during the show
> as I hope you will, there are a couple of ways you can do it. You can:
> Contact me during the show by sending an email to:
> mbern6516 at aol.com.
> You can call in via Skype and make your request, send out a song dedication
> to that special someone in your life, or just to say hi and interact; You
> know, just be a part of the show and shoot the breeze. Or you can give a
> shoutout to all your friends and family who you know are listening.
> Unfortunately, due to the way my computer is set up, I can not put you on
> the air, but I could, that is if you'll let me, read a shoutout for you
> publically.
> My Skypename is smiley-guy218. For those of you reading this via a screen
> reader, That's S M I L E Y hyphen sign 218. All loercase. Be sure to use the
> hyphen sign when searching for me on Skype.
> I can already hear some of you saying, "I have Skype, but I don't have a
> microphone." That's no problem. we can also chat via the instant messenger
> feature of Skype. When I'm between shows you can reach me at anytime via the
> above email address,
> mbern6516 at aol.com <mailto:mbern6516 at aol.com>
> So come one, come all! call, IM, or email your friends and family, then grab
> your pc, kindalfire, Ipad, Ipod ETC, and head over to:
> www.acbradio.org/interactive, and if you're using a pc,
> choose your media player of choice and join me, Mike B, for The Best of
> Yesterday and Today, right here on ACB Radio Interactive; where your
> listening really is our business! See you on the radio soon. It's gonna be a
> blast!

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