[Friends] 2 questions

Tyler Juranek tylerpolkaman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 14:32:49 EST 2017

Hi Eric,
 As far as your first question, I know that Shannon is the host of
that show. However, I am not sure of the info you need there.
 As far as the Good Energy Mix and In the Quiet, those are programs
that Debbie Hazelton hosted. Since Debbie is no longer hosting them,
they will probably move to empty slots. However, I will let Larry, the
managing director clarify it for you for sure.
 I miss those two programs as well.
 I hope this helps.
 Thanks so much for listening!
 Take Care,
 Tyler Juranek
 Host of the Knock on Corn show on ACB Radio Interactive

On 12/11/17, Eric Calhoun via Friends <friends at acbradio.org> wrote:
> Two questions: Listenin' to Reece's Pieces; how can I contact the show??
> Who will take over for the Good Energy Mix and In the Quiet?
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