[Friends] This week's Good Energy Mix and Hazelnuts

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Mon Oct 9 03:21:08 EDT 2017

Debbie, good luck.  We know that appointments area part of life.


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Subject: [Friends] This week's Good Energy Mix and Hazelnuts
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Hi All,


I apologize for not posting in a more timely manner re this month's
Hazelnuts. There's a lot going on here and I was unable to get Hazelnuts
finished and uploaded. It will either be done this week or will have to wait
for next month. Tomorrow's Good Energy Mix was prerecorded today and will
air tomorrow. I will not be there as I have an appointment. Meanwhile, the
show was done today, so it's not one you've previously heard.


Tune in!

11:00 A.M. EDT.


By phone: 605 475-8130.


Wishing you lots of good energy for the week ahead.


Be well!


Debbie Hazelton

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