[Friends] The word is out! I'm back! Will you join me Monday?

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Sat Jul 14 18:14:02 EDT 2018

I'll be back next week, is In the Quiet returning?


Eric from Los Angeles.  Be good to each other.  Always reach faster, higher, stronger.

Eric on Facebook: eric at pmpmail.com; come join my Facebook group, Pen Pals, Prayer Requests, and More with Eric, celebrating one year of friendship and infotainment; where both blind, disabled and sighted people connect in peace, joy, and harmony: https://www.facebook.com/groups/631397660379317/

For infotainment on the phone, please call 1-773-572-6258; options 1, 2, or 3.  Must pay for your own long-distance.  Never sweat the small stuff.  Speak to your mountain; God moves moununtains.  Always have faith.  Trust in God; have faith in tomorrow, and, most of all, believe in yourself.

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Subject: [Friends] The word is out! I'm back! Will you join me Monday?
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Woo hoo! I'm back! Monday, it's "The Good Energy Mix" Tuesday, "In The
Quiet" and next month, "On The Inside Track is back!


I never intended to be gone this long. Meanwhile, I've made new promos for
both of my shows on Interactive, and new promos for ACB Link, the latter
being released when the app hits the google Play Store.


If you want more of the background picture of what's gone on with me, I've
written a blog post, and you can find it here.



Meanwhile, phew it's been a journey! Isn't it always? It's good to be back.


Debbie Hazelton

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