[Friends] Ready? Set? Knock! It's time for the Knock on Corn show!

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Fri May 25 00:48:53 EDT 2018

I'll miss Marlaina!  What a lady!  And we lost Ken Metz, too.


Eric from Los Angeles.  Be good to each other.  Always reach faster, higher, stronger.

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Greetings everyone!

 First, a huge shout out to Jeff Bishop, Deb, and Rick Lewis for a
beautiful tribute to Marlaina Lieberg. Marlaina was such a wonderful
lady, and a huge inspiration to me in my younger days. She will
certainly be missed.

 Hey, one more thing. It's almost Friday!
 You know what that means, right? Its almost time for me to bring you
the Knock on Corn program!
 This week is action packed!
 We will have plenty of wonderful music to keep you entertained, some
fun conversation, and much more! So tune it in!
 The fun all starts tomorrow, at 12 PM eastern, on ACB Radio Interactive!
 To listen, point your browser to
 Hope to see you there!
 Tyler Juranek
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