[Friends] Marlina Leeberg tribute

Susan Ward groovy41 at juno.com
Fri May 25 13:07:22 EDT 2018

  Hello. Yes I do remember listening to her shows back think it was 2006 
through 2008 would loved to of met her sounds she really got a lot out 
of life and her sense of humor was something else. I even found a 
cooking in the dark think it is show 182 on the website: 
cookinginthedark.libsyn.com where you can find all of the shows her 
Dale, and Sharel oh the stories and laughter really did make that show 
and to this day every show really a joy to listen to. Everyone should 
still talk and act on accessibility. She will be missed. Love you Marlaina

On 5/25/2018 12:47 PM, Anne Mauro via Friends wrote:
> Hi everyone What a greatTribute to Marlina I downloaded the tribute from 
> the Acb Radio website.  Iused to listen to her shows on Acb radio.  
> Marlina was at all the Acb nationalconventions.  Did Marlina ever run 
> for president of Acb?  I remember voting for her at national convention 
> once.  Thanks to the Acb radio broadcasters that did the wonderful 
> tribute.  Everyone in Acb is going to miss Marlina’s cute voice.
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