[Friends] Just a touch of Irish on today's ArtFelt. 5PM Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive

Jason Castonguay jcast77 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 15:58:22 EDT 2019

Well hello there, everybody!

Did you enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day? Did any celebrating take place? I’ve
often had the opportunity to entertain for Saint Patty’s Day events, but
this time around, I took it easy and stayed home. I was looking forward to
putting a few Celtic touches on my show and, well, it turned out to be more
than just a touch. I got happily carried away. Thanks to my friend, Gabi,
there are some interesting pieces I’ve not heard before that we’ll be
enjoying together.

So grab a seat, couch, or rest on some comfortable piece of furniture and,
if you have a mind to do so, a cup to fill and be whisked away to scenes in
Ireland. I’d say you could filled your cup with the “water of life” but I
can’t be responsible for intoxicated listeners. 😊🤣

ArtFelt starts at 5PM Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive
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hear from you, so feel free to give me a shout-out on Twitter
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Afterward, stay tuned and bring your day to a perfect end while my good
friend, Debbie Hazelton, soothes listeners with her words of wisdom and
beautiful music as she brings us “In the Quiet."

Jason Castonguay

Find me on Twitter <http://www.twitter.com/jcast>, Facebook
<http://www.facebook.com/jcast>, and LinkedIn
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