[Mm-friends] What would you like to see in 2011?

Brett Wilhelm braillebrett at charter.net
Tue Dec 28 06:03:52 GMT 2010

I would like to see a demonstration of the accessibility in the 
Amazon Kindle.

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Greetings all:

As I ponder how Main Menu should look in the coming year, it 
occurs to me
that you all should help me decide.  The way I see it, if you are 
to this list then you probably are a regular or at least 
listener to the show, and your input is most valuable.  One thing 
I would
like to focus on over the next year are some demos that fit into 
a 50-minute
format.  This means that we would not be able to cover a subject 
in depth,
but we could certainly give people a jump-start with regards to 
using a
product.  There is a lot of content on the Internet in the way of 
and the like, but many times a person must listen to hours and 
hours of
content to glean the information they are looking for.  Think 
with me if you
will about podcasts where the presenter is obviously discovering 
new things
about the product being reviewed as the podcast is being 
recorded.  This is
not a bad thing in the context of a podcast, but not desireable 
for radio.
Material will be covered systematically and research will be done

I would like for much more content to be exclusive to Main Menu 
next year.
That doesn't mean that we won't rebroadcast really top-quality 
podcasts; we
would be crazy not to, but we will certainly focus more on 
material produced
exclusively for Main Menu.

What I need from you on this list are ideas of software, 
hardware, etc.  that
either has not been covered at all or has not been covered 
properly in your
opinion.  Also, any how-to suggestions would be in order e.g.  
how do I set up
an email account on my iPhone.

We will certainly cover breaking news and continue interviewing 
people in the assistive technology field, and we will broadcast 
from ACB conventions; all the things you have come to expect, but 
I really
would like to focus on these bite-size demos for the coming year.

I plan to write down and organize ideas that come from this list.  
Nothing is
too crazy to throw out, and discussion among list members is 

With that said, let the discussion begin!

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