[Mm-friends] thoughts on this week's episode

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Hi Mary,
I am uploading this week's show right now.  The FTP uploads need to finish
and then I will create the entry on the website.  It should be available by
10:45 eastern time tonight.  I waited to archive it until the replays of the
show  were finished on mainstream.
We will be interested to hear your thoughts on the show.

Chase Crispin
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Hi list members,

My comments will have to wait till the podcast becomes available in a day or
two. I look forward to the podcast since I am a big fan of note takers,
having just purchased a Braille Note Apex last month. I've used note takers
since 1993 when I bought my first Braille Lite. I currently also have a pac
mate which I use for some types of files, and the Apex is nice because it's
so small. I'm still learning it though, so haven't explored all its
capabilities. I'm a braille user and have always appreciated the portability
and "instant on" feature of note takers with braille displays built in.

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