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Hi Mary,
I agree with a lot of what you said.  We are considering how we can cover
this topic more in detail.  We appreciate your feedback on the show.

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Hi again list,

I'm writing thoughts as I hear the podcast, so I hope this won't be too

I love the Pac Mate QWERTY keyboard and am very comfortable with it. I use
it for reading files that require 40 cells, such as books of poetry from
various sources, recipe files, etc. I use the Apex for braille reading; I
love sitting outside reading a novel, and the Apex is great for that,
although I find it hard to get used to only 32 cells. I miss the advance bar
and think Humanware could add an advance bar to the Apex.

I have the pac mate Omni set up in reverse advance mode, so that I can read
with one hand and keep the other hand on one of the advance buttons.

Third-party software: I've tried it on the pac mate and never liked it; it
was just too slow, or not compatible with the Omni.

Music, NLs Bard, Audible.com, Learning Ally, Bookshare, and MP3 files: I use
a Victor Stream and am about to wear out my second one. It's with me all the
time and I find it works incredibly well. I even like the monaural feature
when the speed is set to 1; I'm deaf on one side and can't hear stereo.
Music sounds a little weird when the speed is at 1, but I've gotten used to
it and I'm not missing anything.

PC: I use it for e-mail, file conversion to various formats, sound editing,
web surfing.

Direction of note takers: If screen reader manufacturers could add a few
functions to screen readers that would make note taker capabilities work,
that would probably steer me away from note takers. The main one i'm
thinking of is having screen readers translate and speak grade two braille
files. I love the pac mate, braille lite, and Apex ability to vocalize
braille files. If I'm doing something else and can't read a grade 2 file in
braille, it's great to have it speak without worrying about back-translating
it first.

cell phone: I don't have one. As a retired person, I don't do a lot of
traveling and I don't commute any more, so I'll use a land line until land
lines go away.

One aspect of note takers that wasn't mentioned is immediate access to
braille. I'm hearing-impaired, and really appreciate how braille use is
built into these devices, or can be added with separate braille displays.
These days there's so much emphasis on talking devices that the deaf-blind
community often gets left behind.

I agree that note takers are not so-called ghetto devices; they have a place
in the blind community. It will be interesting to see where things go in the


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