[Mm-friends] using audible.com

Mary Emerson maryemerson at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 28 00:46:25 GMT 2011


I've never had trouble with audible.com. It's just a web site and it has 
standard controls. It's quite large, though, and they haven't divided it 
up into as many headings as they could. So the best way to navigate 
would be to use the Jaws find function which is control-f when you're on 
the site. I have an account on audible.com but I don't have a plan; I 
just buy books when I find one that looks interesting. You need to 
download software from audible.com, which helps you manage your book 
downloads; also you need to set up a device that audible will accept, 
for playing your books. I use the Victor Stream although there are other 
devices that can play audible.com books.


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