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Carrie Francis carrieefrancis at sympatico.ca
Wed Dec 28 00:49:32 GMT 2011

Thank you for responding to my Email. How well does JAWS handle the Audible Manager? And, are you using Windows 7 with Audible Manager? Thanks.

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> Hi,
> I've never had trouble with audible.com. It's just a web site and it has 
> standard controls. It's quite large, though, and they haven't divided it 
> up into as many headings as they could. So the best way to navigate 
> would be to use the Jaws find function which is control-f when you're on 
> the site. I have an account on audible.com but I don't have a plan; I 
> just buy books when I find one that looks interesting. You need to 
> download software from audible.com, which helps you manage your book 
> downloads; also you need to set up a device that audible will accept, 
> for playing your books. I use the Victor Stream although there are other 
> devices that can play audible.com books.
> Mary
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