[Mm-friends] Help to produce a tutorial about Skype for Main Menu

Luis Eduardo Peña lpena57 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 15:42:25 GMT 2011

Hello Main Menu friends,


I would like to produce a tutorial about Skype for Main Menu. However, I
haven’t found a way to record the jaws output along with my voice. I was
able to do this when I used Windows XP. But now that I am using Windows 7
home premium I can’t do it. My computer shows the stereo mix among the
recording devices 

But when I select it, it only records the jaws output by not my voice. Your
help will be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,





Luis Eduardo Peña 

Psicólogo clínico 

Clínica Farallones 

Calle 9C # 50-25 

Consultorio 1108 

Cali, Colombia 


Teléfono: (572) 487-8084 

Teléfono celular: 311-308-8073 



luispena at misicologo.com 

Skype: luiseduardopena


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Hi Francis,

Here is the Main Menu podcast feed URL.  Let us know if it doesn't work for






Chase Crispin
chase.crispin at gmail.com



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My computer had a glitch last Friday and when I tried to access the feed, I
am getting a 404 message to the effect that the feed cannot be accessed.


How do I subscribe to the mainmenu feed?


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