[Mm-friends] two topics

Mary Emerson maryemerson at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 22 05:02:12 GMT 2011

Hi everyone,

I have two topics to mention here; one is an additional item about 
dropbox, and the other is about the Teaching Company, which you'll hear 
more about later this week.

Dropbox: You don't have to accept the default location of your dropbox 
folder. In Windows 7, the default is c:\users\yourname\dropbox. I prefer 
to have my dropbox folder in my c:\ root directory. Here's how to do that:

Go to the system tray and press enter on dropbox.

Down arrow to preferences.

Choose the advanced tab via a braille display routing button or routing 
with speech.. I use Jaws and braille so don't know how to do it with 
speech and different screen readers.

Tab to change ... and browse to c:\. (c colon backslash.)

Be sure the hard drive is open and tab to ok.

Tab to ok to close the application.

In preferences you can also change the name of your dropbox folder. On 
my XP machine I called it My Dropbox and put it in the root directory.

The Teaching Company has updated their site since I did the podcast. If 
you choose to download a course, and you're using Internet Explorer, you 
have to download a plug-in which runs an application to download course 
lectures. I used IE9 and had a problem because it quit downloading after 
every few lectures, and IE9 crashed; fortunately it remembers where the 
download quit so most of the time you can go back into the web 
application and continue. I haven't tried this with Firefox and I hope 
the procedure works better with that browser. also since I downloaded 
lectures a couple weeks ago, Jaws 13 beta has been released so maybe 
that will fix some of the problems.

To avoid downloading, courses can be purchased on CD or DVD.


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