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Hi Everyone,
Unfortunately this isn't an easy thing to do.  The old archives were set up
in such a way that one could listen to an archive on their computer and jump
from segment to segment so that you could skip over parts of a show that you
did not wish to hear.  This was done by having a separate mp3 file for each
segment of a Main Menu show.  The archive on the website was made by an m3u
file which was very small.  These are essentially text files with links to
each mp3 file in a show in their proper order that software like Winamp or
Windows Media Player knew how to play.  Once podcasting and mobile devices
became popular and we started podcasting our shows,  the staff at that time
got rid of support for moving between segments and put the whole show in one
single mp3 or m3u file.  So, the short answer is, no, you can't get a
complete mp3 of an older show just because of the way the system worked at
that time.  You could go to the FTP site as another list member pointed out,
but you would have to find each segment which would take awhile.
Sorry that we can't make an easier way to do this.

Chase Crispin

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I was wondering if their is a way to get the old main menu shows from 2000
to 2008 in to mp3 format? They all seem to be in M3u format so i can't put
them on my victor reader stream to listen to. Thanks Cullen
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