[Mm-friends] Subjects Appropriate for List, and Not Appropriate Subjects

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Hi David,
Yes, I totally agree.

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Appropriate Subjects

>Greetings Folks,

>May I remind you that this mailinglist is for discussion of 
mainmenu coverage and technology or assistive technology 
subjects.  We try to be as open as possible to discussions in 
these areas.  But, attempts to suggest that there bias in our 
programming based on some sort of consumer group differences.  
And, wording messages in such a way to imply such will not go 
without reply.  If one wants coverage of any technology subject 
they are welcome to make a request that it be covered is fine, 
but not when you imply off the top that MainMenu is biased 
against presentation of technology from another consumer group.

>Strangely the people making these suggestions appear to mot be 
aware that MainMenu has covered and reviewed  the NFB Newsline 
App for iPhone and at least twice they covered KNFB Reader.  I 
believe that Blio was also covered on MainMenu.

>Thus, any further implication of bias will be met with that 
person being removed from this list for a purposful attempt to 
cause problems on this list.

>In saying this I would also like to inform the list that a number 
of messages were sent directly to this mailinglist from NFB email 
addresses in  the last 3 days.  None of these messages were from 
people who are members of this mailinglist, so they were rejected 
by our mailinglist software because the sender was not a member 
of this list.

>  David Tanner - Host
>Technology from a blindness perspective!

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