[Mm-friends] Windows 8 narrator and braille displays?RE: old mainmenu shows

David Tanner david.tanner100 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 06:01:03 GMT 2012

No, I sure wish it was.  I just got two new Braille displays at work, one 
for my desk, and one for use with my work iPhone and work iTouch.  It would 
be nice to be able to use them with Windows 8 with Narrator.  But, at least 
they do work with Jaws and NVDA in Windows 8.  Not sure about whether my new 
Perkins Mini works with Window-Eyes 8 or not.

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Hi David,

Thanks for the interesting review of W8 narrator. I would like to know if it
is possible to use narrator with a Braille display.


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