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Hi everyone,
I apologize; I forgot a couple list sin my previous Merry Christmas email.
Here it is.
Merry Christmas,

Chris Nusbaum

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Good morning everyone,

I'd like to join with everybody who has posted their Christmas wishes so
far in writing to wish everyone on these lists who celebrates the holiday a
very merry Christmas!!! I hope all of you, like me, will be able to enjoy
Christmas with your family and loved ones.  If you are travelling for
Christmas, stay safe.  And above all, have fun!!!

As for myself and my family, we're leaving in a couple of minutes for BWI
Airport to catch a plane out to Kansas City to spend Christmas with family
there! Very much looking forward to seeing them!!!

Again, a very Merry Christmas to you all!!! If you're celebrating another
holiday, I wish you the best!

Chris Nusbaum
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