[Mm-friends] Merry Christmas

kelsey trevett trevk007 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 21:25:32 GMT 2012

Sorry for the off topic posting but I thought it was only 
appropriate that I should send a message to this list wishing 
everyone a fabulous Christmas and a brilliant new year.  Wherever 
you live, however old you are, I hope that you can spend your 
Christmas with friends, family and/or loved ones.  I hope you get 
everything you want for Christmas and I hope the new year brings 
opportunities, chances and a lovely time.
As a student, I have the time off for Christmas but I understand 
that some people may be working over the Christmas period.  Even 
if you are, don't let that dampen your spirits.  Maybe you're 
having a party at work, maybe you're going for a meal but 
whatever you're doing, be safe, be giving and be happy!
Merry Christmas!

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