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Thank you.  I believe we do have a submission of a review of this player 
waiting to be aired in the near future.

I have not seen the player, but it sounds like to me it may be a better 
choice for the money than an iPod Shuffel for $50; particularly given that 
it has 4 times more storage space, and a lot longer battery life.

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> Hi,
> I'm writing this as a review of the new Tiny Tunes KD1000 Talking MP3 
> Player.  As some people are saying that it is great, some people are 
> saying that it is awful, I thought it would be good for someone who 
> actually has this player and is not biost on either side of the marketing 
> trade to review this pocket sized, lighter shaped device.  Below is a 
> complete guide and report of the mini machine.
>  Description and General Functions
>  Tiny Tunes is a very small MP3 player from Future Aids, a company based 
> in America.  It has a 1 inch screen with 3 bars underneath the screen, a 
> headphone and usb port on the bottom of the device and a locking switch on 
> the top.  The bars are the controls for the player and can be pressed from 
> either the left or the right side, performing different actions depending 
> on which side you press.  The top bar when pressed on the left is play, 
> and the right is mode (select).  The second bar is the volume bar: You 
> press right to increase the volume and press left to decrease it.  The 
> third and final bar work the same as arrow keys on a computer.  The switch 
> on the top disables the keys from accidental use when you're on the move. 
> The device has 70 hours battery life and takes 2 hours to charge from a 
> computer.  It can only be used with a pair of earphones/headphones plugged 
> into the jack on the bottom.
> Below is a chart of some vital features of the player:
> Memory: 4 GB
> Size: About the size of a lighter
> Screen: 1 inch
> Controls: 3 (can be pressed from either side)
> Battery life: 70 hours
> Charging time: 2 hours
> Speech: Yes
> Ebook reader: Yes
> Internet access: No
> Music listening: Yes
> Radio: Yes
> Recording: Yes
> Memory stick or memory card support: No
> Video support: No
>  Turning on/off the player and the main menu
>  To turn on Tiny Tunes, hold down the play button for 2 to 3 seconds.  It 
> will take a few more seconds for the player to load before the speech 
> announces the first item on the main menu which is music.  To turn off the 
> player at any time, hold down the play button for 5 seconds.  Visually on 
> the screen, when you perform this action, the machine reads `goodbye` 
> although this message is not spoken aloud.  On the main menu the following 
> options are available:
> Music.
> Continue listening.
> Settings.
> Browse.
> Radio.
> Text files.
> Notes and Record.
> You can select any of these items with the mode button which can also be 
> pressed from any place in the Tiny Tunes menu or app system to return you 
> to either the previous menu or the main menu.
>  Music
>  The music app can play from a few different options.  These are type of 
> music, album, artist and all songs.  You can put music on the machine by 
> placing files or folders into the route of the player when it is connected 
> to a computer and the device will get the info from the tags.  It only 
> plays MP3 or WMA files.  Use the arrow bar to move through your tracks. 
> The track names are spoken aloud to you.  When you find one you want to 
> hear, press mode and then press play to hear it.  You can hold down the 
> play button for a second to find out the track name and album while 
> listening to a song.
>  Radio
>  MP3 player is a misleading name to say the least...  but that is in a 
> good way.  Tiny Tunes is much more than an MP3 player.  Well, as I'm 
> describing here, it also includes an FM radio--builtin.  of course.  When 
> you select the radio app from the main menu, you are placed back into the 
> station you were listening to last time.  You can use the arrow bar to 
> move through the stations available to you.  You can record FM radio shows 
> with the recording app (described later) too.  Of course, the headphones 
> are used to receive the signal for the radio.
>  Record and Notes
>  The Tiny Tunes player enables the recording of notes or longer things 
> using its internal microphone.  Simply select record from the main menu, 
> hold down play for half a second (then let go) and speak.  You can pause 
> the recording at any time just by pressing play and then pressing it again 
> when you're ready to resume.  When you've done, hold down mode and you'll 
> be placed in the notes folder where you can review and delete the note 
> you've just recorded or notes that you have recorded before.  Another way 
> to access the notes area of the device is to select notes from the main 
> menu and either select micrecord for microphone recordings or fmrecord for 
> radio recordings.  Then select the file from the folder and hit mode, then 
> hit play.
>  Books
>  The Tiny Tunes player also plays text files.  Just place them on to the 
> route of the player and it puts them automatically into the text files 
> section.  Your books will be read aloud in clear, synthetic speech or the 
> book can be read on the 1 inch display.  The book voice is the same voice 
> that reads the rest of the content on the Tiny Tunes player such as the 
> menus and music tracks.
>  Browse and Settings
>  In the main menu, there is an option called settings.  This has several 
> settings which modify the way the player works.  If you want to use your 
> player normally and are not some high tech music developer etc these 
> settings can be left at their defaults.  However, some are useful for 
> people if you want a sleep timer, auto shut down after so much time of 
> inactivity, screen shut off time and so on.  It also has speech 
> enable/disable.
> The browse function enables you to browse everything on your player.  Just 
> select browse and you can view books, audio and recordings.
>  Personal Comments
>  I think the Tiny Tunes KD1000 MP3 player is an extremely powerful device 
> with many features and a long battery life.  I believe that however many 
> people have said that it is just like tossing $75 in the trash, the player 
> is certainly a player that is worth buying.  It is good for all people 
> whether they do not use much technology or are computer geeks as it has a 
> simple and basic interface which is impossible for you to get lost in.
> **I wrote this article in the hope that perhaps it may help with the 
> research and hopeful presentation of the Tiny Tunes player in the future 
> on Main Menu.  Maybe you could read the article out with your 
> demonstration or without it to give people more idea about the player from 
> a person who has first-hand experience with the device.**
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