[Mm-friends] Who Won The Gift???

Larry Turnbull kc8phj at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 2 01:38:50 GMT 2012

I would like to publicly thank David Tanner and Chase Crispin as well as the
rest of the main menu team for a job well done!
We have a great team here and we are continuing to find ways to expand the
content on main menu to cover a vast array of technology.
So please keep those ideas coming and continue to listen to main menu.
Larry Turnbull
ACB Radio Managing Director
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Well, let's put it this way.  If you got an email from me addressed directly
to you informing you that you have won; then I guess you are the winner.
The winner was just sent an email a few minutes ago informing them that they
had won, and in consideration of their privecy I have asked the person to
let us know if it alright or not to announce their name or not.  As soon as
I hear back from the winner I will announce who won if they do not want
their name used we will honor their wishes.  But, it was fun, and four
people signed up on the last day of January to subscribe to the MainMenu
Friends mailinglist.  The final person subscribed after 10:00 PM Tuesday
The MainMenu Friends has grown from 94 people at the end of December to 118
on the list as of shortly before midnight last night.
Thank all of you who joined the list during January, and pleas join in with
your qquestions, suggestions, and conversation about MainMenu over the
months and years to come.  Your suggestions, and remarks about what we are
doing and the material being aired on MainMenu now and in the future are
greatly appreciated.

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