[Mm-friends] link shorteners and volume levels

Mary Emerson maryemerson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 6 18:24:34 GMT 2012

Lino and list,

When I submitted my part of last week's Main Menu, the levels sounded 
fine. I think levels depend on what is used to play the file. On some 
devices the sound can be too high, even at moderate levels.

I love link shorteners too; the problem with them is that there's no 
clue of the full link in the shortened URL, which could pose a security 
issue. I like tinyurl.com and have found it reliable and dependable; it 
places the short link in your Windows clipboard if you allow it too, and 
the short link can be pasted into an e-mail or your browser. But as I 
said, there's a potential security risk because the user doesn't know 
the original long URL where the tiny one is going.

Just a few thoughts for what they're worth.


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