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I am not sure where that whole issue stands today with Kurzweil.  A few 
years back there was a problem with the Eloquence in Kurzweil and the 
Eloquence in Window-Eyes clashing, and as I remember the final solution at 
that time was to remove the Eloquence from Window-Eyes and use the Kurzweil 
version because it was a newer release; which would indicate that at that 
time the Eloquence in Kurzweil must not have been strictly tied to Kurzweil, 
and I have seen that you can use the SAPI voices that come with Kurzweil 
with about any screen reader that uses SAPI.  But, again, whether it is 
strictly speaking legal to do so is another question.  I will tell you I 
don't know.

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With Kurzweil you can use the SAPI4 version of Eloquence, but as far as
I know you are still not granted a license to use it other than for its
intended purpose, to speak within and only within Kurzweil.

Christopher H

On 07/02/2012 15:19, Luis Eduardo Peña wrote:
> Hi David,
> I wonder if those people who own Jaws and Kurzweil can use NVDA with the
> eloquence synthesizer that the aforementioned programs install on the pc.
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> The original file on the web was replaced and is now available. The link
> is still http://www.mainmenu.acbradio.org/NVDA MainMenu Distribution.zip
> The original file contained a file which allowed the user to use the
> Eloquence synthesizer with NVDA. Since there is a charge for Eloquence
> NVDA is not allowed to distribute Eloquence with their software, and in
> spite of negotiations to work out a deal with the company selling
> Eloquence, there has been no arrangement made that would allow a person
> to legally use NVDA with Eloquence. Thus, we have removed the file that
> would have allowed that to happen because it would not be legal to allow
> anyone to do that.
> We sincerely appologize that the file was in the original distribution
> file, but it was removed as soon as we were notified of the fact that
> the file was there.
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