[Mm-friends] Question about NVDA Main Menu Distribution

David Tanner david.tanner100 at gmail.com
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Very well put, and I understand the wording of these new common use licenses 
about as well as I understand the ingrediants lists on most food boxes any 
more.  NOT!!!

Personally, I think they are just playing it safe, and I guess I don't blame 

And, I am playing it safe because I don't want to cause any unnecessary 
problems for acbradio or AACB.

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> Hmm...  well, the NVDA screen reader itself is free, and therefore 
> open-source, so nobody could get into any kind of legal trouble for using 
> the code for a program which the makers of the program, in this case 
> Non-Visual Access, has decided to make free and open-source.  So, if the 
> Main Menu staff, for example, used the NVDA code (which is, I remind you 
> again, open-source) to add some kind of feature to NVDA (if somebody on 
> the Main Menu staff was a programmer,) they couldn't get into trouble 
> because the code is open-source.  That's at least how I understand it.  I 
> don't know if you have to pay for ETI Eloquence by itself, but that 
> version of Eloquence comes with a lot of assistive technology, so unless 
> Humanware (for example) actually bought and paid for a bunch of copies of 
> ETI Eloquence to put in their BrailleNotes, the ETI Eloquence package must 
> be open-source.  With NVDA being open-source, I don't think that would be 
> cause for any lawsuit.  But there are people who know this kind of thing 
> much better than I do, so I'm not the authority on this.  This is just how 
> I understand it.
> Chris
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> Subject: [Mm-friends] Question about NVDA Main Menu Distribution
> Hello all.
> Please can I ask you something?
> I see in the synthesizers folder of the above distribution a file called
> eloquence.exe.  So I ran this and I can now use Eloquence with NVDA,
> known as ETI Eloquence.  But what gets me is the legal contraversies
> surrounding this synthesizer.  Was you guys really supposed to include
> this in the distribution? Asking as I don't want any or all of you to
> get into trouble by using a synthesizer you haven't paid for!
> Thanks very much.  It is greatly appreciated.
> --
> Christopher H
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