[Mm-friends] Question about NVDA Main Menu Distribution

David Tanner david.tanner100 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 04:18:35 GMT 2012

No, simply because it was never announced on a previous show so those who 
knew about the previous files or links would not have gotten the information 
about the files from the show.  And, All the links were changed more than a 
day ahead of the airing of tonights show so that the announcement on the 
website is correct, and the files are correct.

So, on the show I just mentioned that a person could go to the website and 
look at the announcements to find the links to the files.  I did that for 
two reasons.  1.  I thought that might eliminate some of the links issues 
that keep coming up due to the way that particular email readers format 
messages. 2.  You should be able to click on the link on the announcement 
and get to the files just fine.

and 3. The timing on this week's show was really tight, and I needed to get 
as much info into the inntro as I could and try to stay under 59 minutes. 
Well, to make a long story short I just sent folks to the announcement on 
the webpage because it was quicker and shorter that way.

Just for everyone's information, the show did come out about 30 seconds over 
and it was necessary to play a little file time shrinking which is barely 
noticeable.  But, if you hear a little something in the intro music that 
sort of sounds like a bad cassette tape that came about from the shrinking 

Sorry about that.  Lots of other stuff I would like to have added also hit 
the editing floor too!

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> Thanks, David! Will you announce this on tonight's show? If not, I would 
> suggest doing that on a show so everyone knows about the changes.
> Chris
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> Chris,
> The file has been checked and I have removed that file.  I will reupload 
> the
> file with the Eloquence file.  I am sorry that I missed it.  You should be
> aware that the entire synth folder there came from the NVDAA Dropbox which
> has often been discussed on the NVDA list.  I would suggest that mention 
> of
> the Eloquence file being on the NVDA Dropbox should be done on the
> mailinglist so that the person running the Dropbox can get it removed 
> before
> he finds himself in a big problem.
> Thanks for the heads up, and the problem is being taken care of, and the 
> zip
> file has already been removed from our downloads.
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> Subject: [Mm-friends] Question about NVDA Main Menu Distribution
> Hello all.
> Please can I ask you something?
> I see in the synthesizers folder of the above distribution a file called
> eloquence.exe.  So I ran this and I can now use Eloquence with NVDA, known
> as ETI Eloquence.  But what gets me is the legal contraversies surrounding
> this synthesizer.  Was you guys really supposed to include this in the
> distribution? Asking as I don't want any or all of you to get into trouble
> by using a synthesizer you haven't paid for!
> Thanks very much.  It is greatly appreciated.
> --
> Christopher H
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