[Mm-friends] from the list moderators: unrelated threads

Chase Crispin chase.crispin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 21:00:10 GMT 2012

Hello list members,
Over the last few days, there has been a sharp increase in list traffic.
While we are all glad to see use of this list increase, we notice that a lot
of the discussion is off topic and not related to Main Menu.  The purpose of
this list is to discuss Main Menu, give suggestions for the show, ask
questions about things heard on the show, and chat with the Main Menu staff
and other listeners about the show.  Recently, there has been a large volume
of off topic messages about topics not related to Main Menu, including
forwards from other lists that do not relate to Main Menu.  We ask that the
threads unrelated to discussion of the Main Menu technology show stop.
Please feel free to discuss any topic related to Main Menu at any time on
this list, and email us off list at:
mainmenu at acbradio.org
if you have any questions about this list.
Thank You,
Chase Crispin
Main Menu Friends List co-moderator
Main Menu executive Producer
chase at acbradio.org
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