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Hey Chase,
That would be awesome to add the newly to be released Braille Plus 18 from::
www.aph.org/ down the road. Awesome review with Larry the Cable guy LOL 
Schootcon via the Sero Talk Podcast.

On 2/22/2012 10:58 PM, Chase Crispin wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> On behalf of the entire Main Menu team, I am very excited to announce 
> a continuation on our popular note taker coverage on Main Menu.  As 
> many of you know, last August, we presented a very popular show about 
> note takers vs. mainstream technology.  We received more feedback on 
> that show than we have ever had on any segments in the past.  Many of 
> you asked for more coverage of note takers and why they are still 
> needed for some people.  After a lot of discussion on how to best 
> cover this and a lot of very hard work by many members of the Main 
> Menu team, we are pleased to announce the battle of the note takers.  
> Each week for the next 7 weeks, including this coming Friday, we will 
> have a specific task to demonstrate.  We have selected the most 
> popular tasks that you will want to see on a note taker when choosing 
> a device that meets your needs or when deciding if you need a note 
> taker or a mainstream device.  After the conclusion of all of the 
> tasks, we will feature a panel discussion as a conclusion where we 
> will have one representative from each note taker talking about many 
> aspects of their device.  We hope to be the first to answer the 
> question for you of whether blindness specific devices are still 
> needed, which is perhaps the most controversial debate in the blind 
> community today.  In the battle of the note takers, we will cover the 
> following devices.
> Pac Mate Omni from Freedom Scientific
> Braille Note Apex from Humanware
> Braille/Voice Sense from HIMS
> Maestro PDA from Humanware
> Icon/Braille Plus from LevelStar and APH
> We realize that some of these devices are no longer sold.  We realize 
> that these devices are expensive and very hard for some of you to 
> purchase.  Some of you may have to receive a device no longer 
> manufactured, so we are including two now discontinued but still 
> popular devices to help you know what device is best, even if it's not 
> the latest and greatest.
> For more information about the battle of the note takers, please 
> listen to last week's Main Menu for February 17th, 2012, where I 
> provided a bit more info about this upcoming series of segments.
> So, please join the host of Main Menu, David Tanner and many reviewers 
> starting this Friday at 9 PM eastern right here on ACB Radio 
> Mainstream for the first segment in the battle of the note takers.  
> For those of you who are not interested in this topic, don't worry.  
> Half of each Main Menu show for the next several weeks will feature 
> our regular coverage of other technology.  Stay tuned to an 
> announcement coming soon of what else will be heard on Main Menu this 
> week.
> We look forward to having you join us on Main Menu for the battle of 
> the note takers!  Please feel free to let your family and friends know 
> about our upcoming coverage, and please let us know if you have any 
> comments, questions, or suggestions via email at:
> mainmenu at acbradio.org <mailto:mainmenu at acbradio.org>
> or via our twitter at:
> http://www.twitter.com/mainmenu
> Chase Crispin
> Main Menu Executive Producer
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