[Mm-friends] A MainMenu Update!!!

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I would also like to welcome both Mary and Rich.  They are welcomed on the
staff, and they will do great.  We hope to make other announcements to all
of you over the next few days about more people who have been added based on
the applications they filled out.
As David said below, always let us know any feedback you have, either
positive or negative.  We are always glad to hear from any of our listeners.
Chase Crispin
Main Menu Executive Producer


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Hello Friends,
We have been busy lately reviewing applications for people to join the
MainMenu staff.  And, we are pleased to let you know that Mary Emerson, a
member of this mailinglist and Rich Cavallaro also a member of this list
have been asked to join the staff and both have accepted.
We are very pleased to welcome them to the MainMenu staff and announce to
you that they are now on the MainMenu staff.
Please welcome them, and as they contribute to the show please let them know
of your comments about their presentations.
I believe we all appreciate comments good or bad from this group about what
we are doing that you like, and any helpful suggestions for how we might be
able to improve in the future.
Welcome Mary and Rich!
David Tanner, Host
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