[Mm-friends] Copy of MP3 For July 20 2012

Luis Eduardo Peña lpena57 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 20:02:59 GMT 2012

Hi David. I have bad news. When I tried to play the file on my computer I
got an error message using Windows Media Player and the file didn’t played.
. When I used VLC media player

The file didn’t play either. When I used my cel phone the file played only
upt to the end of the TechTalk show. 


Is it possible for you to put on dropbox just the interview with Steve?  



Thanks for your pacient. 


Kind regards,



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For those of you who are having a problem with this weeks show I am giving
you a link to the MP3 below.  I have tested the file that I put on the
server both before and after puting it there and had no problem with the
file.  However, since the complaints continue on a file that seems to have
no problems with it I do not know anything else to do but give you a dropbox


So here it is:


David Tanner - Host
Technology from a blindness perspective!

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