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Hi David. don’t get angry at me. I am just reporting a problem that I am
experiencing. But by any means I am trying to give you a hard time. Don’t
worry, I won’t buther you anymore. I just forget about this issue and carry
on with my other activities. Afterall, I was one of the beta testers of
K1000 and I am very awared of the new features of this product.  And beta
testers are computer experience users. It is not my fault that I can’t play
your show neither on my cell phone nore in my pc. And it is strange that I
am the only one who is experience this problem. I am using Windows 7 with
the latest updates installed. 



It is disappointed and frustrated that I am just trying to report a problem
and you get so annoyed with me. Keep in mind that I also have spent a lot of
time trying to listening to your show. 



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I guess I am at a loss where to go from here.  The very same file you would
have downloaded from the dropbox link I just finished playing with Windows
Media Player with absolutely no problem  I have also played it in Internet
Explorer, Studio Recorder, Goldwave, iTunes latest version, and have had no
problem with the file on any of the players that I have tried it on.  I am
trying my best to fix the problem, but I find it difficult to solve a
problem I am not finding.  I do not have one of every MP3 player on every
cell phone to test every file, and since I am having no problem playing it
with Windows Media Player, and iTunes as well as others are saying that they
are not having problems so I do not know how to go about resolving the


I will do a bit more investigating, but I will not be able to spend all day
on this and it may not get resolved until later this week.


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Hi David. I have bad news. When I tried to play the file on my computer I
got an error message using Windows Media Player and the file didn’t played.
. When I used VLC media player

The file didn’t play either. When I used my cel phone the file played only
upt to the end of the TechTalk show. 


Is it possible for you to put on dropbox just the interview with Steve?  



Thanks for your pacient. 


Kind regards,



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For those of you who are having a problem with this weeks show I am giving
you a link to the MP3 below.  I have tested the file that I put on the
server both before and after puting it there and had no problem with the
file.  However, since the complaints continue on a file that seems to have
no problems with it I do not know anything else to do but give you a dropbox


So here it is:


David Tanner - Host
Technology from a blindness perspective!


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