[Mm-friends] finally i was able to play the file

David Tanner david.tanner100 at gmail.com
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Very good!  I really was trying to resolve your problem, but when I was not having a problem here I didn't know how to resolve a problem that I couldn't find.

Sorry you had a problem and glad to hear that you were able to play the file with Windows Media Player.

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  Hi David.


  This is to report that I was able to play the file using Windows Media player.




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  For those of you who are having a problem with this weeks show I am giving you a link to the MP3 below.  I have tested the file that I put on the server both before and after puting it there and had no problem with the file.  However, since the complaints continue on a file that seems to have no problems with it I do not know anything else to do but give you a dropbox link.  


  So here it is:


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