[Mm-friends] Windows 8: What It Is Really Like

Chris christopherh40 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 11:57:54 GMT 2012

Hello Kelsey.
Thanks for the heads up regarding Windows upgrades and settings.
How did you try it with Supernova? Asking as I read that the current 
version is not supported under Windows 8.
Glad you like it and have to agree with you regarding accessibility. 
There are lots of misconceptions that Windows 8 is designed for the 
touch screen market and therefore is not tailor made to be accessible. 
Please relax folks, keyboard and mouse input is still supported and it 
is just as accessible as Windows 7!
Thanks for sharing once again. Much appreciated.

Christopher Hallsworth

On 17/11/2012 21:36, kelsey trevett wrote:
> Hi,
> Last weekend I upgraded to Windows 8 from Vister.  When I found out that
> I didn't have a JAWS licence, I had to download NVDA. That was working
> fine until Windows 8 crashed.  I had to send it in.  They said (take
> note of this if you plan to upgrade):
> When you upgrade from one Windows version to another, you must set the
> old Windows settings to `default`.
> I didn't do this therefore my PC crashed.
> Now I have it running again, I think that it is...  amazing!
> The keystrokes and new environment are extremely accessible with the
> following screenreaders:
> JAWS (I know this due to the 40 min demo mode).
> Supernova.
> Windows Eyes and of course Windows Narrator.  The start screen works
> great and all the charms are fantastically accessible!
> This is a good step up Microsoft, keep it up!
> Cheers,
> Kelsey
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